Finger Independence

Gaining finger independence on the harp will improve your agility and ability to play more complicated pieces on the harp. 

Keep good articulation and complete follow-through. 

Practicing with a metronome will force you to maintain an even tempo. We sometimes unconsciously speed up when the going is easy, slow down when it's difficult.

Finger Articulation and Placement

As soon as you bring a new harp home, of course you want to play it. 

Good habits are easier to keep up and build on than bad habits are to break.

So here is a quick start guide to hand and finger positions. Not intended as a complete lesson, just for a quick start.

C and F Wire Strings - Problems!

You'll see that being a photographer does not make me synonymous with videographer.....! 

First video I've made in the last -- maybe 3 years?

Adding Color to Wire Harp Strings

Adding color to a metal harp string. What works and what doesn't. Accompanied by cats. :)